This is a brief overview of some of the services we provide please contact us today with any doubts or questions. 210-829-8200

Since 2000, Precision R has been tuning some of South Texas' fastest vehicles, our technique is simple, use the most effective and reliable products and procedures for every vehicle, and this applies as well to our tuning. Precision R is capable of both Dyno Tuning and Road Tuning. However we always recommend Road Tuning, since it will always provide a more accurate tune. The difference between a Dyno Tune and Road Tune, is pretty self-explanatory, one takes place on a dyno, where the vehicle is driven by two or four rotating drums, to which the operator sets resistance, the other is done on the road, where the vehicle will experience the EXACT same conditions that the driver will put it through. Most applications may be tuned on the open road (With Signed Release), however higher horsepower vehicles (550+whp) are tuned at a sanctioned track, or at one of our "partner shops" on a dyno. We tune EVERY engine management system on the market today as long as all of the applicable software is available, please call us for more detailed tuning information or for any questions at 210-829-8200.
NOTE:  Precision R NEVER loads any base maps to vehicles and calls it a "tune", all of our tunes are custom made maps for each and every customer. Our policy is to lock all of our custom maps, if possible, to ensure that they are not modified or altered in ANY way by either the customer or an incompetent tuner, as changes could result in SEVERE ENGINE DAMAGE.


Precision R has vast experience in rebuilding engines, from engine build up for performance purposes to engine rebuilds required due to mechanical failure. We can rebuild engines using all oem factory parts or performance replacement parts, the choice is yours. Full engine rebuilds include replacement of all applicable gaskets, and replacement of all internal components. Precision R will always stand behind our work, as we use only the highest quality parts in any engine rebuild or build up.

Precision R sells purpose built engines, both long blocks and short blocks, for any application. We have an excellent network nationwide as well as internationally of engine wholesalers. If you need an engine built to beat the competition whether in drag, circuit, rally, or endurance racing Precision R offers you the solutions. All performance built engines are different since they are built to the specifications for which they are to be used as well as for the driver's tendencies. Performance engines built by Precision R requires FULL PRE-PAYMENT. The process of locating a suitable engine and performing the work on it takes approximatly 2-3 weeks however this may vary based on the complexity of the work (if blue printing, etc is required). If you are interested in this service please call us so we may discuss your project with you and make a recommendation.

Precision R is fully capable of all kinds of transmission work from replacement of the entire input shaft, to replacement of a single synchronizing gear. Manual transmissions in all vehicles require regular service which most people unfortunatly do not provide, the only time the transmission is usually flushed is during a clutch replacement, but some of our competitors won't flush the transmission during clutch replacement either! This of course eventually leads to mechanical failures. Precision R is ready to rebuild your transmission the right way if this occurs to yours.
*Make sure that anytime you have your clutch replaced, your flywheel is evaluated to make sure it can be resurfaced or if it needs replacement.
*We recommend inspection of the engine rear main seal anytime the transmission is removed.

Just like with our pre-built Performance Engines, Precision R offers customers, and recommends the purchase of an upgraded transmission. Think of it like this, if the engine is the lion, the transmission is the teeth, without it nothing will really happen. Transmissions are not equal some transmissions are far superior to others, however replacement of internal components with high quality, high yield, aftermarket counterparts provides a huge advantage. Performance engines put out an amazing amount of power and all that power flows through the transmission, those internal components must be capable of withstanding the pounding over and over. Upgraded transmissions must be FULLY PRE-PAID, from start to finish building an upgraded transmission takes approximatly 1-2 weeks depending on availability of parts.

If you are not within our regional service area, and our interested in purchasing any of the service listed above please call us and we can make arrangements for shipping. All of our finished products are packed safely in crates and shipped back to our customers nationally and internationally. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.

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